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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Forms a part of The Terms of Use.

IndiaPlays is responsible for ensuring the privacy of our players along with observing the data protection and privacy laws of India. IndiaPlays.com will not trade, sell, distribute or lease personal information such as the names and emails which are provided on the website to any third party or any other information related to player’s usage of the website as it is provided in the privacy policy that is mentioned below.

The Collection of Information

This website collects personal information from the site visitors by using online forms and email inquiries. Additional information is collected that relates to certain players previous transactions however not the personal banking information that could be considered a threat to anyones financial security. The personal information we collect may include the players name, email ID, address, contact information, date of birth, phone number and any other relevant information of the player. This information is required in order to join IndiaPlays and is needed to maintain the safety and the security of players.

Other information that may be collected and stored include; IP addresses, time and date of visits, frequency of visits, the browser and language settings and the partner site or address of the previous website which linked to www.IndiaPlays.com.

Furthermore, IndiaPlays reserve the right to assign cookies to each user’s devices. These are small coded files that help identify recurring browsers on the website, which may be embedded on the computer of the site visitor. We do this to help serve players needs and requirements better by quickening the login process and by keeping the players profile more secure in the future when this website is accessed again from any location or computer device used.

Advertisers of IndiaPlays also have the right to assign cookies that will be embedded if any player clicks on such advertisements that are displayed at IndiaPlays and these cookies are not controlled by IndiaPlays but by the third party advertisers or affiliates.

Information Gathered

It is the goal of IndiaPlays.com to be as transparent to its players as possible. The username, password and the email of the player will need to be provided along with other basic information. IndiaPlays.com will retain rights to withhold any access to the information if any player wishes not to disclose certain information at a later date or subsequently decide to keep any information or data that has been already provided. In this case the players will not be allowed to raise any objection.

Disclosure of Information Collected
  • The details of accounts and records of current players.
  • Service design & implementation change request from players.
  • Requests and customer service inquiries.
  • Updating players with details of new products and up to date information and services chosen by the player.
  • Software service and update disclosure to players.
  • Creating and initiating accounts for new players.
  • Marketing and advertising of products within IndiaPlays own community of players and the correspondents who are online and offline.
  • Ensuring operational compliance with India's tax, regulatory, age, and money laundering laws.
  • Due diligence against the new players registration information to make sure that no security measures have been violated.
  • To establish a basis for investigation and potential prosecution of any offenders when necessary.
  • To conduct surveys for research of the website traffic that is only concerning and reverent to IndiaPlays for the need of future marketing and advertising.
  • To ensure the safety of the players and credibility of IndiaPlays by coordinating with relevant governmental agencies in the sharing of the information, only upon specific requests, like for example a court order.
Player Collected Information Disclosure

You agree to receive email communication from IndiaPlays and its entities/ affiliates when you sign up in IndiaPlays. You also agree and acknowledge the reference to the referral program of IndiaPlays. This will be where emails to the particular player will be sent on your own behalf and with the email heading included in your designated email address that is used in the website or with the original address from the email which was previously sent.

When a player registers with IndiaPlays, the account of that player will be secured with login security procedures which include a customized username and password that will be created by the player. The player is responsible for securing and updating the privacy of their own login information, i.e. username and the password.

IndiaPlays does not hold any liability and will not guarantee security for any type of information released from one player to another and if it not in the knowledge and the operational capabilities of the website. This also includes other monetary transactions that are conducted within or outside of IndiaPlays which is facilitated on the players own behalf.

Due to this, players must keep their personal information and financial information protected by not sharing with any other entities or players who are not recognized under the IndiaPlays gaming network.

IndiaPlays will provide players with additional links throughout the website which will help the player navigate to and from other external websites that are associated with IndiaPlays. These associated websites will not be under the complete control of IndiaPlays and they may be governed with different policies and standards set up by that particular entity or affiliate group. It is the responsibility of the player understand the policies of the other websites, in case any player decides to navigate away from the IndiaPlays for any reason.

IndiaPlays is not responsible for any activity that takes place when the players password is used by other parties. Do not disclose any of your personal information or password(s) to any person or entity. If you think that any of your information could be in jeopardy, we advise you to contact our customer support line immediately. It is the responsibility of the player to inform IndiaPlays immediately and without any such delay if this situation ever arises.

Disclosure of Information

IndiaPlays is able to disclose the following information to certain recipients upon any request or informational purposes:

  • Any firms that are within the network of IndiaPlays, vendors and associated employees.
  • Any parties that provide service related to the operation of IndiaPlays.
  • Any authorized organization/regulatory body such as government or private groups if they have a recognizable legal claim or reasonable requirement to gain access to such information.
  • Any contractors, auditors or other type of advisers who audits any of the operational processes of IndiaPlays or professionals such as lawyers and mediators who have the need to access such information in order for them to conduct their business for IndiaPlays.
  • Any third parties that provide services to allow the current website to support the players; data verification and the payment processors.
  • Any marketing/advertising firms who are linked with IndiaPlays or the IndiaPlays gaming network.
  • Any prospective buyer of the IndiaPlays business model or operational model for any potential investors.
Mergers And Other Events Requiring Transfer

If IndiaPlays files for bankruptcy, become insolvent, merge or get acquired by any third party, sell part of or all of the assets or transfer the assets in full or part to a third party, IndiaPlays is still entitled to share relevant personal information provided by the players to relevant firms or merger partners.

The Protection of Children

Anyone that registers with IndiaPlays needs to provide his/her personal information and will need to disclose his/her age. IndiaPlays will not accept players under the age of 18 years. IndiaPlays reserves the right to perform any due diligence and verification on the information the players provide to ensure truthfulness and accuracy. If any person who is a minor (below 18 years) is found to have provided false information in order to play on IndiaPlays.com, they will be removed and blocked from any future access to the website.

Security of The Website Platform

Various security measures and policies are enforced by IndiaPlays in order to secure all the information that is uploaded to the database servers. All server information, much provided by the players and employees of IndiaPlays is secured from any unauthorized access, force majeure events, harmful use that is intentional or unintentional, or any other such scenarios or modifications/manipulations of the data that is unauthorized by IndiaPlays.

Some employees at IndiaPlays have authorised access to the database servers, but are required to maintain and uphold the strictest confidentiality agreements with the related information obtained from the players. Overall IndiaPlays wants to keep the information of its players safe, secure and fully protected to the highest level of encryption in order to preserve its reputation among the online gaming community and legal compliance under India law.

Players Winnings

The information of the winnings and cashouts of the players will be kept under strict confidentiality by IndiaPlays. Such information is kept safe and secure on servers which are in ownership and control of IndiaPlays. This information is not provided to any third party without the consent of the player or required by the law or any other governmental or regulatory body to be disclosed. Players will be made aware if such event were to happen by email notification.

Player Consent

The player gives consent to all the above provided information upon the completion of the registration process with IndiaPlays. This includes the information provided by the player to be used for the collection and use by IndiaPlays and the associated partners and other vendor affiliates within the IndiaPlays gaming network.

By accepting this privacy policy, the player gives consent to disclose personal information that is required for registering and by making any financial processing of payments; withdrawals and deposits from IndiaPlays. Such information is shared with the financial institutions and processing gateways. Information that is shared with the financial transaction vendors will be upheld to maintain confidentiality and security.

Players who want to participate in real cash money games are required to send the funds to IndiaPlays and receive the funds from IndiaPlays by means of the integrated payment gateways. IndiaPlays uses recognised and trusted third party payment gateways and domestic financial institutions to process such transactions and support measures.

IndiaPlays reserves the right to perform random security reviews of its players for the purpose of validation and safety.

This could lead to any searches and authentic reviews of the transactions, age, player identity, data that is submitted by the player and also for any breach in IndiaPlays Terms & Conditions and other applicable India laws.

IndiaPlays reserves the right to contact the owner when a player registers the phone number through submission on the website through various methods, such as direct calls or SMS to provide relevant information regarding promotional activity or events that are coordinated through IndiaPlays.com, linked sites, partner sites and related affiliates. The contact information of a player will not be used by any third party unless the player provides consent.

When players use the website, they grant permission to IndiaPlays employees, affiliates, partners, vendors and other IndiaPlays gaming network associates to be able to use the provided information by the player and to be able to disclose such information to any other third party for validation purposes if necessary.

Overall we have concluded the above mentioned information is collectively included in the Privacy Policy of IndiaPlays.

We aim to be as transparent as possible throughout our entire operation that includes how data is collected and used, conduct and standards of the company including employees, due diligence on its player community and network, policy and terms enforcement and the storage and confidentiality of player information.

If for any reason this Privacy Policy is not clear to you or the way the information is handled or the information that is required to be submitted for registration to the website doesn't fit your expectations, please submit your relevant inquiries to info@IndiaPlays.com and we will try our best to satisfy your concern(s).

"When you voluntarily send us electronic mail, we will keep a record of this information so that we can respond to you. We only collect information from you when you register on our site or fill out a form. Also, when filling out a form on our site, you may be asked to enter your: name, e-mail address or phone number. You may, however, visit our site anonymously. In case you have submitted your personal information and contact details, we reserve the rights to Call, SMS, Email or WhatsApp about our products and offers, even if your number has DND activated on it."