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IndiaPlays Online Poker Tournaments
Tournament Name Buy - IN Game/Variant Day Time Prize Pool

Noon Freeroll

Free 5 PLO   3:00 PM 1,000

Night Freeroll

Free NLHE   9:00 PM 1,000
 What are the different types of Online Poker Tournaments?

Online Poker tournaments are the ideal format to show off your poker skills and win some big cash. Check out the different types of online poker tournaments here.

Freeroll Tournament

Freeroll Tournament is an online poker tournament where there is no entry fee and you can win maximum cash if you can finish in the respective top position. IndiaPlays offers freeroll tournaments worth up to 1500 every day.

Guaranteed Tournament (GTD)

This is a tournament that guarantees a prize pool, irrespective of how many players appear. Poker GTD tournament is the best way to boost your bankroll for less investment. You will win an assured prize pool once you rank in the top position.

Freezeout Tournament

Freezeout is one of the most familiar types of online poker tournaments where each player gets a chance to buy at one time. Once a participant runs out of all poker chips, he or she will be out of the tournament. You cannot rebuy into the tournament and once you run out of chips, it’s over.

Multi-buy Tournament

Do you love to challenge in poker? As the name says, you can register for the same tournament with multiple stacks. You can play with more chips and improve the playability of the game right from the start.

Rebuy Tournament

Like a freezeout, this format allows you to buy more chips for a short period of time into the tourney again when you bust (usually the beginning stage of the tournament). The cost of the rebuy is usually the same as the entry fee, minus the rake. The tournament will continue as a freezeout after the rebuy period ends.

Bounty Tournament

Bounty tournament is one of the interesting formats of online poker tournaments available on the best online poker sites. In bounty tournaments, a special cash prize is given to the person who eliminates a particular player. Bounty tournament is also known as the knockout tournament. For example, if there’s a Rs 100 bounty on each player’s head, and you knocked out any player, you would get his bounty of Rs 100.

Progressive Bounty Tournament

Progressive Knockout tournaments, or PKOs, are action-packed tournaments where the more eliminations you make, the more money you win! For every player, you eliminate you'll win a cash prize, while your own bounty increases - leading to a frenzy finish where every hand can mean megabucks.

Sit & Go Tournament

A Sit & Go (S&G or SNG) is a not pre-assigned online poker tournament that starts when all seats are filled. IndiaPlays provides different types of sit-and-go tournaments from the range of heads-up to 9 players.

Win the Button Tournament

Win the Button is a tournament format that awards the winner of the previous pot with the dealer button. You will have the chance to win the button a lot more than once in orbit. Some Win the Button tournaments switch to normal button movement in the later stages of the tournament.